HDFS over Webdav is not the best choice to mount HDFS and use them out of the original context, but it seems to be a quick installation for serving static data on HDFS through HTTP protocol.
The current version of HDFS-Webdav only supports Hadoop 0.18.3 and earlier versions.
Since Hadoop 0.20.1 became the latest stable version, I had made a fix for HDFS-Webdav.

The code can be found at: http://github.com/huyphan/HDFS-over-Webdav
Feel free to pull out my code and watch it for any updates on my repository.

My repository is also available on the author’s homepage at http://www.hadoop.iponweb.net/Home/hdfs-over-webdav, you definitely want to visit here for the full instruction and known issues when installing HDFS-webdav.

Have fun with Hadoop :)